Venice Crypto Project is a personal project aimed to push Ƀitcoin and cryptocurrencies adoption in Venice island.

The project’s mission is to create the first “crypto island”, where you can pay any kind of service with Ƀitcoin or altcoins.



Greg is the founder of this project, is member of Italian Association Assocoin, is a promoter for:


We are searching for new people which want to join this mission and help us to promote the project! We prefer people who live in Venice.


Gregorio is member of Italian Association Asscocoin.

Discover this association and the advantages to be a member, visit the website www.assocoin.com

Gregorio is a certified promoter for MuYi.

You can accept payments in 33 fiat value different, you can send the payment with no fees.

MuYi use only Ƀitcoin and the Ƀitcoin blockchain and doesn’t require any kind of credit card or bank account.

Our promoter ID: