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Venice, the first "crypto island"

Venice Crypto

Venice Crypto Project is a personal project aimed to push Ƀitcoin and altcoins adoption in Venice island.

Every year millions of tourists visit Venice and a lot of people now are using cryptocurrencies as a payment method.


Accepting Ƀitcoin and altcoins is easy and free or requires a low cost


The transactions on the blockchain are irriversible, visible and permanent, for this reason trust is NOT required between participants


Ƀitcoin and altcoins are here to stay, once you understand this new paradigm, you will use these new technologies


Only you have access to your cryptocurrencies, only you can manage them, whenever and wherever you want, be your own bank

Join Venice Crypto, we’ll give you all the info to be able to accept Ƀitcoin and altcoins in your store and e-commerce.

We’ll teach you step by step how to accept Ƀitcoins and altcoins as payment methods and only you’ll decide if

receive and hold cryptocurrencies in your wallet, you can always convert to fiat value trought an exchange

or receive the converted fiat value into your bank account directly, in this way you are safed from the market’s volatility


We collaborate with some market’s leader companies for several years, italian and international’s companies and new startups. – You’ll be able to accept Ƀitcoin in your store and you’ll decide if receive Bitcoin or euro value in your bank account. Italian company, the service is free.

MyCryptoPos – You’ll be able to accept Ƀitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin in your store and everywhere from your customers and you’ll decide if receive cryptocurrencies or euro value in your bank account. Italian company, the basic version is free, you can also get more services paying a monthly fee.

CompraCrypto | Walledo Italy – You’ll be able to accept Ƀitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, you’ll become e real exchange and your customers can buy and sell cryptocurrencies from your devices (POS or ATM). The POS allow you to offers more services as mobile recharge, coupon and voucher and more.

CoinGate– You’ll be able to accept more than 50 cryptocurrencies (Ƀitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and more) in your store using the POS app on every device is connected to the web. CoinGate takes 1% commission fee on every transaction only if you decide to receive fiat value.

Block! – You’ll be able to connect your Ƀitcoin address to your Block! account that allows you to use a POS service on your smartphone or any devices connected to Internet. Block! is made in Italy, it is totally free and it is developed to be safe and user friendly.

Con BitPay potrai accettare pagamenti in Bitcoin e Bitcoin Cash nella tua attività utilizzando l’app su smartphone, tablet o tramite browser su qualsiasi dispositivo connesso a internet.


places in Venice where you can spend
Ƀitcoin & altcoins

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Why accept cryptocurrencies

  • Free or low costs
  • Early adopter advantages
  • New customer targeting
  • Fast and safe payments
  • You are your own bank